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Wild creativity residence "Writing from the edge"


  • How does the environment affect the way you create?

  • How can we seed the words that get rooted?

  • How do we nourish the language so it gives ripe fruits?

  • How can we rewild the narratives that need to be told?

  • What should stay uninhabited?


Let’s find out together during restorative retreat in Andalusia.


Come as you are – a writer or not, a seeker, a tired being in search of new ways. The retreat is open to all genres even if I happen to have the most experience with poetry.

Come to play with the perspectives that have been missing, listen to the unheard voices, map the new world where maybe there is still a place for blank spots on the maps - for mystery.


Why “Writing from the edge”?

I believe we need to lean over the familiar to see what is beyond the language as we know it.

This retreat might not give you a push to finish the novel or to win a publisher. Instead, it will guide you into rewilding your relationship with writing, exploring writing as an ecosystem, and finally bringing some fertile dirt and glorious mess to your story.

At the same time, the edge is where the paradoxes blossom. We won’t focus on productivity here, on setting the targets and penning thousands of words in a day because what if to have a conversation with the sea we need to hear not just its calling but also its silences? Yet, that’s where the magic happens. Whenever I don’t set the goal and aim to write less but with each word carrying its weight, it is when the floodgates open.

Good things are about to happen!

  • Pack your notebook and a swimsuit. After all the wild creativity journeys you can unwind in a jacuzzi or a sauna.

  • Sign up with a friend and get a 10% discount each!

  • Please, get in touch even if you can’t afford the price as I am working on receiving funds for marginalized voices. 


The next chance to discover the stories you didn't know you could write is coming in the autumn of 2022:




































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How to dive in?

Pay half to the following account and the other half during the retreat. Or you can pay all at once and get 5% discount:

LT14 3250 0629 0958 4460

Refund policy:

Life has its own plans that don’t always align with yours. If you need to cancel, you can do so up to a week before the event to get 100% refund. Unfortunately, after that I might need to use a part of the payment to pay for the venue but get in touch with me anyways and if I can find someone to jump in and take your spot, I will still issue you a full refund.

Image by Kekai AhSam

I’d love it if you could come for the whole retreat as I believe we can do so much more than just write poems which make your soul sing a wild, long-forgotten song. I hope we can create along the route a community.

I understand though that times are challenging and not everyone has space and money to take the week out. Hence, I am now offering a 3-day package for 300 euros. You will not only participate in 3 full days of wild creativity workshops but also receive notes after the retreat from all the missed discussions, prompts and inspirations. There’s a limited number of such slots so please, book now.

Contact me for more details.

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